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Will my therapist tell me what to do or what decisions to make?

Your therapist will never tell you what to do or what decisions to make in life! (The exception to this is if there is an imminent safety concern, in which your therapist will be directive and may involve outside supports, which is rare.) Throughout therapy, your therapist will ask questions and make reflections on interpersonal and intrapersonal patterns, and may support with talking through the possible pros and cons of a situation, but the ultimate aim is for each individual to feel empowered to make their own decisions in life, even if it's scary, as that's where we grow and heal. Learning to use self-reflection and introspection is one of the most powerful things that can develop through therapy, along with growing the courage to listen to and be guided by these feelings is what can truly allow us to heal and regain our power and agency in life.

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