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Don't see your insurance listed?

We partner with a company called Mentaya.  Mentaya assists folks in submitting insurance claims on their behalf to receive reimbursement for private payments made to medical providers outside of their network coverage.  Read below for more information, or click here to check your benefits using Mentaya's Benefits Check. 

For example, if a client pays a private session fee of $100, and their out of network insurance benefits reimburse 60% of private payments made to out of network providers, the client would pay the full fee of $100 directly to the out of network provider, then Mentaya would submit a claim to the client's insurance company, and once the claim is accepted, the client would be reimbursed $60.  Mentaya charges a 5% processing fee based on the private pay amount, and with this example above, the client would be charged $5 for this service.  So the client would receive $55 in reimbursement ($60 reimbursement minus $5 processing fee)  via check or direct deposit, resulting in the session ultimately costing $45.

Please note, this service works only if you have out of network benefits through your specific insurance plan.  You will also (generally) need to have met your deductible (if you have one) before out of network benefits can apply.  You will be able to learn these details for your specific insurance plan by calling the member services phone number on the back of your insurance card.

Click here to check your benefits through Mentaya.

Please feel free to contact us for further information on this process by emailing
Don't see your insurance listed?

We partner with a company that can assist with using out of network benefits.

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