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Hesitation to counseling is really common.  Just the thought of talking about our most intense emotions and unpleasant experiences can feel overwhelming and exhausting.  Underneath it all is typically a fear of judgment, embarrassment, intense pain, or the fear of actually facing some things we've done our best to cover up.  Your therapist will never push you to speak about things you're not ready to discuss—the process unfolds at a comfortable pace for each individual.


"What good would talking to someone even do​?"
Some folks are skeptical about the therapeutic process for varying reasons; some may have preconceived notions of what therapy actually is, some may have had an unpleasant experience with therapy in the past, and some may feel that simply talking about their issues won't lead to any solutions.  Therapy, though a simple concept, can be quite impactful in the right space.

"I just don't want to be judged by a complete stranger."

Many of us are somewhat open to the idea of therapy, but are hesitant about "putting our stuff out there" to someone we don't even know.  It can be an uncomfortable thing to do!  Choosing a therapist we connect to and are comfortable with is an important step in finding the support we're looking for.

"I should really have my stuff together by now."​

We can often feel a sense of shame or embarrassment when seeking help of any kind—particularly for something that we feel we should be able to figure out ourselves.  We label ourselves as weak or foolish, but the truth is, all of us need support throughout our lives.  In fact, seeking therapy for guidance with social, emotional, or other mental health challenges is a wise move that can greatly increase our quality of life both personally and professionally.

"It's just too much!"

It's too much money.  It's too much time.  It's too much energy to expend...  Therapy is often not cheap, it's not a quick fix, and it can take a lot of energy.  However, just like any good investment, what you put into it helps determine what you get out of it.  Therapy is a well-worth investment in yourself and your future.  

I'm feeling on the fence...

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